As of January 1, 2024, Berneco Transport is part of Klimat-Transport. The business conducted under the Berneco brand will continue as usual, but now with Klimat-Transport as the sender. If you want to know more about Klimat-Transport, you can find it HERE.

The high level of service and the close customer contact Berneco has been known for will of course continue to be the guiding star in the work as all of Berneco’s professional transport managers will continue their employment at Klimat-Transport.

During the past year, Berneco Transport and Klimat-Transport have conducted their operations in the same premises at Långeberga in Helsingborg. This means that the companies know each other well and already work closely.

If you want to book transport to or from the BeNeLux countries or the rest of Europe, you should, as before, contact one of Berneco’s former employees.

Mattias Jönsson, project, +46 (0)431-44 95 51

Jonas Gunnerfeldt, spedition, +46 (0)431-44 95 54
Boban Stankovic, spedition, +46 (0)431-44 95 59

Mats Ericsson, international trafic, +46 (0)431-44 95 52
Marijan Derdic, international trafic, +46 (0)431-44 95 58
Reza Balazadeh, international trafic, +46 (0)431-44 95 53